80,000 Voices
A Roar for Life.
A Roar for Peace.
Let’s Make it Happen.

80,000 Voices is a Movement. Of Choirs, Singers, Drummers, Musicians and You! Our first theme is to help create a nuclear weapons free world.

We invite you to come together through various forms of interaction such as social media and one to one dialogue, culminating in a mass participation event celebrating and expressing our desire for peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

This event will be a Roar - of 80,000 Voices echoing from the depths of Life. Drumming, singing, stomping, banging, beatboxing, and just crazy stuff.

Our intention is that every voice who takes part will be embedding a cause for absolute happiness deep in their lives and contribute to overturning the karma of the UK, a country currently holding on to a nuclear past. Longer term we are initiating a culture based on respect for the dignity of life.

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