UN to vote on talks for a Nuclear Ban Treaty

By Roslyn Cook 107 states have recommended that negotiations to ban nuclear weapons start in 2017.  On 19th August this news was published in the report of outcomes from the Open Ended Working Group that has been meeting this year in Geneva. It is also clearly the result of a new global discourse  concerning nuclear weapons.[…]


Letter to Obama on his Historic Opportunity to Visit Hiroshima

By Roslyn Cook As speculation mounts as to whether President Obama will visit Hiroshima in May,  83 countries are assembling in Geneva for the next round of talks aimed at achieving a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. This Open Ended Working Group was proposed in UN resolutions last year and is supported by the 127 countries[…]

Ros Gina and Polly Higgins

Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet

Ros and I met up with Polly Higgins in Stroud last week. Ros has known Polly for a while, and I recently met her at St Ethelburga’s where she was one of the speakers at the last of the latest series of Re-awakening the Sacred public talks. We agreed we three should meet to talk[…]


Nuclear Violence in Popular Music

In my blog on Nuclear Violence in Popular Culture I wasn’t able to include all the many examples of nuclear war in the world of music, so I’ve dedicated a whole blog to the topic! Poet Bob Dylan took up the theme cryptically in “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall” (1962). Now, 54 years later, our society is[…]

James Bond dismantling nuclear bomb

Nuclear Violence in Popular Culture

Nuclear weapons have had a presence in popular culture ever since they were first used in 1945, reflecting humanity’s fear of and morbid fascination with these hugely destructive inventions. Fears about nuclear warfare may seem dated to those born after the cold war such as myself. However in 2007 former Secretary of Defense William Perry[…]


Building on a long tradition of mass participation

Happy new year, everybody! 2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting and productive year for 80,000 Voices. We have a team now, as I have been joined by three talented, committed individuals – Tim Carr, Michael Townsend and Erin Hutching (see all of us pictured below at our Christmas party!) We are incredibly excited to[…]